Everyone Versus Facebook: But Why? Follow the Money.

Perhaps we should give Facebook more credit. Hear me out. Facebook has almost 2.8 billion monthly active users in 130 countries. The giant social media software has taken on a life of its own (literally) with its complicated artificial intelligence algorithm designed to serve users content that interests them. That includes ALL content – right, left, middle, extreme and everything in between. That is precisely how Facebook garnered its popularity – by connecting people to information that interests them in a way that no one else could. However, with the mounting pressure of the current administration, Facebook has come under serious scrutiny to squash the spread of information that does not fit their agenda. Anything that contradicts the Leftist agenda is considered ‘misinformation’ and a ‘danger to society’. The truth IS dangerous – it’s dangerous to those who are currently in power because it exposes the public to the lies and corruption that has plagued government for generations. As the public learns more and more about alternative viewpoints, facts, stories and perspectives; we the people are starting to take our power back. We learn that the government has created a class system that keeps us in our place with a governmental Ponzi scheme because they control the wealth and the narrative through corrupt media. It means that we have the opportunity to reach a potential audience of almost 3 billion people directly.

Facebook is not perfect and there is certainly room for improvement.

Despite Facebook’s issues, the social media giant did exactly what it was meant to do and it did it extremely well. So well in fact, that even Zuck couldn’t contain the AI algorithm from delivering content – the good, the bad and the ugly – no matter how hard he tried. Facebook was originally designed to connect people and share information – nothing more and nothing less. But with the huge success of the platform, it’s no secret that Facebook has become hugely profitable. Not just for the company of Facebook – but also for bloggers, small business owners, e-commerce stores, people selling used goods on Marketplace and all of us who are using this powerful tool as an opportunity to make money. Ordinary people are becoming rich without the barriers of government. No wonder the elite politicians want to bring it down.

Then the 45th president of the United States took office in 2014 – Donald J. Trump.

Trump had his controversies but we can all agree on one thing:

Trump’s administration exposed the incompetence and greed of government even more when our country experienced the most prosperous economy in history and the most peaceful co-existence with other countries.

Us Politics Trump

How? It’s quite simple: he is not a politician.

He is a business-minded individual and leader without a bloated government, Leftist agenda. His focus was to simply make Capitalism great again. Capitalism is the foundation of the United States based on the determination of the free market, NOT the interests of politicians. This awareness is now a genie that cannot be put back into the lamp.

The truth and wealth started shifting from government officials back to the people of the United States and the administration started to lose power. Awareness of this corruption exploded and spread like wildfire through sites like Facebook which caused an outcry from the Left. Conveniently, ‘whistleblowers’ started popping up everywhere with a barrage of damaging evidence that Facebook spread ‘misinformation’ – aka, non-conforming views. Now big tech companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft are jumping on the bandwagon with the intent to oust Facebook as well. But Facebook is simply serving their users the content that they are most interested in, which means the people are starting to wake up to the painful truth – Facebook and it’s complicated algorithm has become more effective than the news media outlets IF used properly. And by used properly, I mean truly free to share information without an agenda. Unfortunately, Facebook and other social media platforms have given in to the pressure by banning our own president, filtering content and adding ‘fact-checkers’ to monitor posts among other extreme measures. But that’s not good enough and it won’t stop there. But why?

There’s simply too much money and power at stake for the political ‘elite’ class to lose.

Facebook is completely banned in China, along with many other global social media providers. The Chinese government controls Internet content and restricts, deletes, or bans content it deems is ‘not in the interest of the state’. Sound familiar? Let’s analyze the statement ‘not in the best interest of the state‘. That literally translates into ‘this does not fit our agenda.’ China is not a free or equal society. That’s a problem. It also begs the question – is the US headed in the same direction? Or worse, is China in control of the US now? But that’s an article for another time.

But why? TikTok.

Not only is TikTok the fastest growing social media platform with one billion active monthly users, its users are also spending an average of 52 hours a week using it – far more than Facebook. What’s more, TikTok has come under fire for spreading content to minors that is drug-related and sexually explicit. But probably one of the most frightening aspect is that TikTok tracks and stores EVERY single piece of data that you feed it – including everything you say and everything you type within the app or outside of it. I know what you’re thinking – “so does Facebook and every other big data company out there”. Most likely yes, but they are held to American scrutiny. Here’s the real kicker: TikTok is owned by a Chinese company and controlled by the Chinese government in a country that keeps tabs on its citizens through their “social credit system“. If you’ve never heard of it, you’ll want to familiarize yourself immediately. One would be logical to assume that TikTok is collecting data on its users to prepare for a global “social credit system”. And the more we feed this monster, the more likely we are headed for the same fate.

Again, why is there so much more scrutiny on Facebook than TikTok?

Follow the money. One could argue that TikTok is inciting this controversy and stoking the fire to push all Facebook users to join TikTok. In this scenario, everyone with a Leftist agenda wins – the current administration and the giant tech companies that are in bed with China. TikTok has been busted many times for censoring all content that sheds a negative light on the Chinese government – they are already experts in that arena. That is not even content that is ‘fact-checked’, that is content that is completely blocked before it ever sees the light of day – a dream for spreading biased information quickly to billions of users – ahem, the new media outlet of today. If that doesn’t scare you to stay off of the app, I don’t know what will.

Zuckerberg is stuck in the middle (Stuck-erberg) and he is angry. We’ve been sold out by China and Facebook is in a downward spiral because the Leftists will stop at nothing to bring Facebook down in order to stop the spread of ALL information – the good, the bad and the ugly. And it doesn’t stop with Facebook. They will take down any and all social media platforms that do not adhere to the views of this agenda. Zuck is stuck in a serious conundrum because the free market made him successful. He knows what’s happening is wrong and I believe that it is festering an internal struggle within – hence the recent bombshell interview with Joe Rogan about suppressing the Hunter Biden scandal. What’s even scarier about this whole situation is that China and Russia are now allies with the same goal – bring down the US and its way of life.

Here is my plea to Mark Zuckerberg:

Stop playing this zero-sum game with the Leftists to push their dying agenda. We’re already too aware of what’s happening. Let the people decide what content they want to consume.

If you let the Leftists control Facebook, we are no longer a free society. This algorithm is exposing the truth, STOP trying to censor content based on the Left’s agenda – let the chips fall where they may. If Facebook’s algorithm has exposed a harsh truth that the Left is trying to play unfair (and I believe it has), it’s time to unleash it to the public. Facebook and other tech giants have the potential to transform humanity for the better – into a productive and FREE society. None of that is possible if we’re only fed one side of the story.

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